Outreach Activities

  • 29 January 2021 - STEM talk to secondary school triple science students on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

As part of the communication activities in the IMMORTAL project, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells took part in a virtual STEM talk (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) on Hydrogen technologies. This provided an opportunity for over triple science children in year 11 to experience science and technology and see how important it is for our future well-being, particularly in the area of energy and fuel cells.

The talk involved discussion on the measurable data available to climate change and how to assess fact and fiction. The issues of global versus local pollution. The need for multiple solutions to different transport applications was then discussed, a problem especially relevant to IMMORTAL. Introduction to the students to power train weight and volume differences between battery and fuel cells, refueling times and infrastructure needs provided very insightful discussions.

Finally, an introduction to how Hydrogen can be produced and the concepts of well to wheel efficiencies proved really interesting and enabled the student to put all mode of energy generation in context.

As a final way for the student to experience the R&D environment a video walk through the labs was provided.


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